A New Breed of Consultation Companies in the Region

1PLUS1 Business is focused on helping corporate businesses, SMEs and  founders with their business growth strategies, including implementation of specific parts of their business plans. 1PLUS1 work closely with business owners and entrepreneurs to provide guidance and advisory services to dramatically improve company prospects of being successful and raising needed growth capital. Building and running a successful business is hard work. It takes tenacity, focus, passion, patience, perseverance, planning, and promotion. Some of the most critical elements of running a business include setting the vision, building the strategy, driving marketing and product development programs, and raising capital for the company.

Our goal is to provide the essential tools for corporate managers, entrepreneurs and freelancers to be more efficient, more effective, and thus more successful.  We reveal many of the secrets that you will not hear from anyone else, either because they don’t know, or they have a conflict of interest.

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