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The Incredible Growth of FinTech (in Numbers & Facts)

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Everything evolves, constantly. Each new breakthrough poses heaps of new questions to which answers are yet to be discovered. One of these breakthroughs happened with fintech. Fintech, as a word, is what linguists would call a portmanteau – a combination of two separate words. In the case of fintech, those two words would be financial and technology. However, …

Dubai launches first regional e-commerce free zone through CommerCity

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Dubai CommerCity, a multi-million dollars, 2.1-million square feet joint venture between Dafza and wasl Asset Management Group, was launched on Saturday by Shaikh Ahmad Bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Chairman of the Dubai Airport Freezone Authority (Dafza), according to a statement from WAM. Dubai CommerCity, the first free zone dedicated to e-commerce in the MENA region, …

Startup Marketing Guide

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Marketing at a startup is hard. Successful startup marketing requires that you have both a great product and great marketing. This playbook contains 50 articles for new B2B marketing leaders. It explains how the tactical stuff works, from hiring to generating leads. Enjoy! 1. Inbound 2. Closed Loop 3. Automation 4. CRM System 5. Team …